Fury Things pulled off a fun surprise at last weekend's Replacements tribute and are back in action Saturday at the Triple Rock.

Fury Things pulled off a fun surprise at First Avenue's Replacements tribute last weekend and are back in action Saturday at the Triple Rock.

This is why you don’t publish year-end best-of lists in early December. Five noteworthy local albums hit stores/websites this week accompanied by hometown release parties. Here are tracks off each of the albums along with our Big Gigs preview blurbs.


Already a singer/songwriter with a known flair for personal revelation, St. Louis Park’s folky Americana mainstay Dan Israel takes his deep-digging introspection to a new low level on his 13th(!) album, “Dan.” Songs like “Moving Day” and “You Don’t Love Me Anymore” are as overtly about divorce as ESPN is about sports. “I followed that rainbow to the ground,” Israel sings in the latter gem. There’s plenty of gold at album’s end, though, plus lots of sharp hooks and some of Israel’s richest song arrangements yet, with key support from pianist James Tyler O’Neill and guest vocalists such as Katie Gearty, Bethany Larson and Andra Suchy. He’ll have a big crew with him for the release party. (10 p.m. Fri., 331 13th Av. NE, Mpls., free.)


With Andrew Carson’s abused drums and a roar of Kyle Werstein’s glorious guitar work for its walloping opening, Fury Things’ full-length debut “VHS” might be a record you turn down at first, but you’ll be cranking it back up a song or two later. The throwback Twin Cities power trio — which pulled off a killer Hüsker Dü tribute set last weekend at First Ave but more closely echoes the likes of Sebadoh and No Age — recorded the album in an acrylic warehouse, upping the volume, intensity, songwriting and production quality from their prior buzz-making EPs. They raised up a lineup to match for their release party, with Kitten Forever, Strange Relations and Alpha Consumer. Seriously four of the best local rock bands of recent years to celebrate one of the best records of this year. (10 p.m. Sat., 629 Cedar Av. S., Mpls., $5-$7.)


After gaining attention from cultish record-collector types worldwide for their triple-LP “Three” in 2012, Minneapolis’ hazy, heady, droning psychedelic rock wizards the Flavor Crystals have scaled back to just a double-LP follow-up, “The Shiver of the Flavor Crystals.” But they didn’t cut down on musical grandiosity or elaborate packaging. Songs like “Mirror of the Mind” and (get this!) “Billy Dee Williams’ Parking Spot” unfold beautifully over crescendoing guitars and slow-building grooves. The physical LP set from local label Mpls. Ltd. includes splattered colored vinyl and interchangeable sleeve art. Their release party also features Chatham Rising, Dead Gurus and Bug Fix, a new band with the Birthday Suits’ Hideo Takahashi and Red Pens’ Howard Hamilton. (10 p.m. Sat., 315 13th Av. SE, Mpls, $5.)


Two of the Twin Cities’ most revered and controversial rappers, I Self Devine and Muja Messiah have been circling each other for years and finally came together under their common horoscope sign, Sagittarius. Their joint effort, “9th House,” is a zodiac-themed collection that finds them trading verses over beats from three of their favorite producers, J. Hard, M¥K and Orko Eloheim. The album is more playful and less heated than a lot of the MCs’ best-known work, with lots of cosmic psychedelic soul grooves. But there’s still plenty of topical and poignant lyricism to chew on. Red Lake Nation rapper Baby Shel opens the release party. (10 p.m. Wed., 2528 Nicollet Av. S., Mpls., $9.)


One of the most inventive yet accessible new local acts of late, Bones & Beeker is the brainchild of Brother Ali’s former DJ and jazz musician Brandon “BK-One” Kelly and falsetto-gifted singer/guitarist Anthony Newes. Their eponymous debut album -- issued via Wax Poetics magazine's record label -- blends sweet, sunny harmonies and sexy love songs over a thick bed of Afro-Caribbean, Latin and ’70s soft-funk beats and samples. Things could get even more interesting in concert, where they will be joined by Poliça bassist Chris Bierden and ex-Atmosphere guitarist Nate Collis. Openers are Mina Moore and Kwey. (10 p.m. next Thu., Dec. 10, 2528 Nicollet Av. S., Mpls., $10-$12.)