When it comes to airing their dirty laundry in public, men win hands down. Or noses up, as the case may be.

A survey by Clorox found that nearly 50 percent of men have no problem wearing clothes -- including underwear -- many times before washing them.

It's not that men have something against clean clothes. It's the cleaning of the clothes that's the sticky point.

The survey, which involved phone interviews with 1,200 adults, found that when men do the laundry, nearly 50 percent of them rely on a "sniff test" to determine whether the clothes need washing.

Blue jeans average five wearings between washings. Underwear is worn twice, although 12 percent of the men said they'll often manage a third use.

One might think that single men looking to impress the ladies would have cleaner clothes than men involved in committed relationships. But it's actually the other way around, according to Clorox scientist Mary Gagliardi, who blogs for the company under the moniker Dr. Laundry.

Men in relationships tend to wear clothes that are cleaned more often, although who is actually cleaning them is up for debate.

Nearly 41 percent of men told pollsters that they share laundry responsibilities with their partners. But when women were asked the same question, only 29 percent of them reported that their men were helping.