College GOP protest against ban is wrong


The student Republican organization at the College of St. Benedict is protesting the campus ban on the sale of bottled water in the name of freedom of choice ("College Republicans protest water bottle ban," Sept. 14).

It's ironic that they are so concerned about choice and personal freedoms but not so when it comes to all issues. For instance, when it comes to abortion, most Republicans argue, "It's not a choice, it's a child." They need to understand that with bottled water, it's not a choice either, but a grave disrespect to Mother Earth.


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Wow! Are things so bad that the battle for freedom on college campuses is over the banning of water being sold in plastic bottles? The college has the right to ban the sale of anything on its campus property.

This is a great step to help with reducing the waste of millions of bottles that are never recovered or recycled. Using a reusable bottle and the hydration stations will not only save the students money, it will help to save the environment at the same time.


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Michele Bachmann

Her comments about vaccines are debatable


Cervical cancer can be prevented by a simple vaccination, as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics, based on an enormous body of evidence. U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann ignores this because someone told her a single anecdote that reinforced her preexisting beliefs ("Bachmann's foolish attack on vaccines," editorial, Sept. 14). She's unqualified for public office.


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To take Bachmann's indictment of the vaccine Gardasil as causing mental retardation a step further, why not abolish the government's requirement for all drivers to wear seat belts? After all, I once heard that someone died by being trapped by a seat belt.


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I'm a lifelong DFLer who thinks Bachmann isn't capable of being president of the United States by any stretch. At the same time, I agree with her statement: "To have innocent little 12-year-old girls be forced to have a government injection through an executive order is just flat-out wrong." Just what part of that statement does the Star Tribune Editorial Board not understand? Bachmann wasn't "foolish," as the headline described.

AUSTIN MCginley, Minnetonka

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I found it a bit confusing that the editorial condemned Bachmann's allegations about possible adverse effects of the Gardasil vaccine. An earlier news article about Gov. Rick Perry's ties to the drug company Merck said experts were concerned about how long Gardasil's protection will last and whether serious side effects will occur ("Perry's ties to Merck are deeper than admitted," Sept. 14).


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More coverage needed from every angle


In biology class, we learn that putting a colony of bacteria in a resource-rich environment results in a population explosion. This growth continues until there are no more available resources. For the last 250 years, America's resources have been fairly easy to exploit.

We've grown quickly and are now using almost all of the accessible resources. The only way growth can happen is if we find new resources or if we are able to better exploit current ones.

For too long our people have treated education as a drain on the economy -- a budget item worthy to be cut until class sizes reach 43 or greater. We need to stop this practice and return to fully funding K-12 education if we are going to continue to thrive in this country.


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Congratulations to the sports staff for the excellent Vikings coverage. Five reporters; more than five pages of coverage, commentary, analysis, graphics and countless color photos from every angle.

Wow! I wonder if they could please show the newsroom how to report about the causes of our nation's financial collapse and offer advice on how progress could be made on getting more non-NFL Americans back to work?


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I'm baffled by President Obama's latest plan to create jobs and get the economy rolling. Additional energy exploration and production should be viewed as positive, since it creates jobs, generates tax revenues, reduces our trade deficit and puts more money in the pockets of consumers (prices go down as supply goes up).

It seems that with those positive outcomes, we should be pushing, prodding and promoting energy development. Instead, the president's plan would increase the operating cost of energy explorers and producers. The result: fewer jobs, less tax revenue, higher trade deficits and less money in our pockets. I just don't get it.


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Women's basketball team great for the state


I saw the last regular season home game of the Lynx, and Lindsay Whalen did not disappoint. She has played every game like it is her last. As a young female living in northern Minnesota, it's nice to see Whalen and the team having a fantastic season.

I'm ecstatic that these female athletes are doing so well and are finally being showcased in the way they deserve. They have been showing the kind of strength and determination every game night that I can only dream of.

 Having role models like Whalen, Seimone Augustus, Rebekkah Brunson and Maya Moore for young female athletes has been a rarity in our state. More coverage, please!