Last week, Star Tribune reporters and editors came up with 13 "way-too-early" predictions for the 2016 Vikings season. They focused mostly on individual players or position groups but Vikings team leader Chris Miller went off the board and, like a true Minnesotan, threw weather into the mix.

The blog post was an instant hit on our site as the Vikings kicked off their three-day minicamp. More than 150 reader comments were posted on the piece, and a handful of readers weighed in with predictions of their own for the season.

Here's some of what the general public is saying 12 weeks before that Week 1 game against the Titans.

By game six, [Adrian] Peterson will be benched and his trade value will be gone. To save face the Vikings will claim he is injured, sore back, hamstring or whatever. His inability to produce with [Teddy Bridgewater] in the shotgun and his inability to pass block along with his usual number of fumbles will spell his doom. No need to worry about him dropping passes. With the new receivers, TB won't have to risk passing to Peterson. – Aystinalum

Blair Walsh will return to being a top 5 kicker in 2016 with the Vikings moving indoors to the sparkling new Temple Of Zygi. – vanvader

The hype of the Vikings will be an echo of the Twins preseason hype. – jacheste

Even with a better line Teddy will not make any progress, especially throwing the ball downfield. He will have a higher interception ratio than we've seen in his first couple of years. Then, after another bad year the brass will be forced to evaluate whether or not he really is just another Ponder. -- jamespm316

11-5, same as last year. Less of a home advantage, especially late in the season. But 11 wins probably enough to win the division. It really rests on Teddy's shoulders. – bh1963

Have a prediction of your own? Add it in the comments.

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