Reactions to the flag's removal from President Obama and from people who witnessed the ceremony on Friday:

"South Carolina taking down the confederate flag — a signal of good will and healing, and a meaningful step toward a better future."

Obama, on Twitter

"The tragedy was a tragedy. But now on the other side of that tragedy, we see a lot of positives coming out. Maybe people will change their hearts,"

Denise Quarles, whose mother, Myra Thompson, was among the shooting victims

"It's a sad day for me, that my ancestors will no longer see their flag flying next to their memorial."

Cindy Lampley, whose ancestors fought for the Confederacy

"I thought about all of the African-Americans that lost their lives because of the flag, because of the hatred that this flag symbolizes."

Theresa Burgess, a kindergarten teacher

"For those nine people and their families, if they didn't take it down they'd have to see that flag flying here, and it'd bring back all those memories. Honestly I thought it would never happen."

Annie McDaniel, a school district official

"My heart is overjoyed. I can feel the togetherness. I'm so glad my children and six grandchildren will get to see this history."

Tenetha Hall who took the day off

"Thank God. Thank God for this day."

Molly Hart a grandmother