Q: During the doldrums of the COVID winter, my wife and I binge-watched "Ray Donovan," "Homeland," "The Fall" and "Your Honor" and enjoyed them all. The latter three seemed to end in a way that the viewer could sense they had concluded. "Ray Donovan" did not. So many things were left unresolved after the seventh season. Was the series terminated unexpectedly?

A: You will be happy to hear that "Ray Donovan" is not quite done. Showtime has ordered a feature length movie to be co-written by series star Liev Schreiber along with David Hollander, showrunner on the TV series. Showtime executive Gary Levine said that after the show ended its series run in 2020, "We heard from so many of its loyal fans that they were not ready to say goodbye to Ray and the wonderfully dysfunctional Donovan clan. For them, we are delighted that Liev and David are creating a thrilling new chapter of this iconic series." (In other words, Showtime canceled it too soon.)

Jon Voight, as Ray's father Mickey, and Kerris Dorsey as Ray's daughter Bridget will also return for the movie. Production will begin later this year.

By the way, while "Homeland" and "The Fall" are done, there is still a possibility of more "Your Honor."

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