Aaron Rodgers is keeping track.

“That’s three in the last calendar year or so,” the Green Bay Packers star quarterback said after his latest Hail Mary touchdown pass Sunday.

Rodgers’ last-second prayer before halftime was answered when Randall Cobb pulled down the 42-yard touchdown pass in the back of the end zone to give the Packers a 14-6 lead over the New York Giants. The Packers defeated the Giants 38-13 for the NFC wild-card victory.

“Every single time, it’s fun. I think we’re starting to believe anytime that ball goes up there, we’ve got a chance,” Rodgers said.

The belief is strong. Sunday’s Hail Mary touchdown pass was Rodgers’ third in the past 13 months. He did it twice last season, first against Detroit, then Arizona.

In honor of the “Hail Mary King” our Hail Mary Top 5 Packers/Vikings edition:

No. 1: Aaron Rodgers vs. Arizona Cardinals
Rodgers forced overtime in the NFC divisional playoff game in Arizona with his second successful Hail Mary of the season. Rodgers was moving to his left under pressure and falling back before unloading the 41-yard touchdown pass to Jeff Janis. Arizona responded with a game-winning touchdown three players into overtime. The Cardinals tweeted Sunday “Seen that before.”

No. 2: Roger Staubach vs. Vikings
The term “Hail Mary” pass was coined by Staubach after his 50-yard touchdown connection to Drew Pearson with 24 seconds left in the fourth quarter upset the Vikings 17-14 in the NFC divisional playoff. The play is still painful to watch for some Vikings fans.

No. 3: Aaron Rodgers vs. Detroit Lions
Rodgers avoided pressure and then scrambled right before unloading a 61-yard touchdown pass to Richard Rodgers. The Hail Mary completed a 20-point comeback for a 27-23 victory in front a stunned Detroit crowd.

No. 4: Brett Favre vs. San Francisco
Favre rocketed a pass from about the 39-yard line into the back of the end zone where Greg Lewis secured the game-winning catch for the Vikings. It was Lewis’ first catch for the Vikings and Favre’s third game leading the offense.

No. 5: Aaron Rodgers vs. New York Giants
Rodgers showed the world again Sunday why nobody throws the Hail Mary better. Rodgers heaved the 42-yard pass downfield as time expired in the first half and again his prayer was answered when Cobb caught the ball in the back of the end zone.

The NFL ranked their Top 10 Hail Mary plays in December 2015, so only one of Rodgers’ three miracles is highlighted. The Vikings appear in the Top 10 three times, twice on the winning end.

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