The Vikings and Minneapolis won the right to host Super Bowl LII by embracing winter, trumpeting the strong business community and, of course, playing up the amenities of the new stadium


But what if they had gone in a different direction and tried some humor on the 32 NFL owners? That's where commenter RandBallsStu (branding!) comes in. He offers this list of 10 rejected Super Bowl pitch themes. Stu?



The Minnesota Vikings successfully landed the 2018 Super Bowl.  Below are the slogans that they rejected before settling on the winning one, which was probably, “We built a stadium and you owe us this, that was the deal” or something.

●Wear a hat and a coat you stupid baby

●Call it hotdish and you won’t get cut

●Are you ready for some polite Lutherans?

●Avoid EB 94 between Albertville and Rogers in the morning

●Goodell? More like Great-ell! 

●It’s too cold for CTE to manifest itself

●You, too, can purify yourself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka!  (Our lawyers want us to note that you will probably die from exposure in the attempt.)

●Winner has to play Eden Prairie

●If you want to make an extended stay out of it, you can also sit on a bucket in the middle of a frozen lake

●Jeremy from work will run to Hudson on Sunday if you need beer, just pay him for gas

Feel free to suggest your own the comments below. 

(Thanks to @wx_dave for the idea)