You can buy a "legacy brick" with a commemorative inscription to be placed inside the new Vikings stadium. This kind of thing isn't new; in this case, it isn't cheap: anywhere from $160 to $360, depending on the size and type of brick you want.

A lot of Vikings fans likely will be into this. They'll want to have a family message inscribed. This is the intended target audience.

However: there is a feature on the site that suggests: "Not sure what to put on your brick? CLICK HERE to test your inscription on a live Minnesota Legacy brick and see what others are putting on theirs."

And this is where Twitter took over Thursday. Nick Halter from Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal appears to be the one who started the #VikingsBricks hashtag on Twitter. From there, the clever (and some not so clever) folks took over with their own personalized inscriptions for the Vikings — many of them immortalizing the lesser moments in organization history.

To their credit, the official Vikings Twitter account caught on and created a brick that read: "Keep 'em coming/we're getting/a good laugh."