Pitching projections from FanGraphs tell us a couple useful things about the Twins.

First, they have four starting pitchers projected to reach a WAR (wins above replacement) of 2 if they throw 180 innings. That's significant because two wins above replacement is generally considered the standard for an average pitcher. The Twins have four starters who are at least average quality (as long as they stay healthy).

Almost as notable: The rest of the AL Central is bereft of starting pitching talent. Cleveland, still the division favorite, also has four pitchers with a projected WAR of at least 2. Kansas City has three … Detroit has two … and the White Sox have just one. Every other team in the majors aside from Detroit and the White Sox has at least three, by the way.

The Twins will face a lot of shaky starters during their 38 games against the Tigers and White Sox.

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