Timberwolves big man Karl-Anthony Towns invited his Twitter followers to engage with him Thursday night in what he termed a "quick, impromptu" question-and-answer session. Towns ended up sticking around for more than hour and impressively responded to more than 100 tweets.

That's dedication, folks.

Along the way, we got another glimpse into the personality of a guy who is clearly well on his way to being a beloved Minnesota athlete. He said he expects the Wolves to make the playoffs, expressed encouragement for Teddy Bridgewater even dabbled in some poetic turns of phrase.

Among the highlights: Towns' proclamation that there is "no better time to be a Minnesotan" in response to a question about the local sports scene and his answer that he would "definitely be a doctor. Tall Doctor, but nonetheless a doctor," if he wasn't a professional basketball player.

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