Mike Tomlin's fiery personality (and defensive acumen) made him a hot coaching candidate after just one season as Vikings defensive coordinator a decade ago — helping him get hired as Steelers head coach at the tender age of 34.

But even a still-young coach with a reputation for relating to his players has to be shaking his head (or more) after star Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown made the decision to go live on Facebook from the Steelers' locker room after Pittsburgh's 18-16 win over Kansas City on Sunday.

In the video, Tomlin is heard using very salty language to complain about the Steelers' AFC title game opponent New England.

Sometimes athletes don't realize the scope or reach of what they are doing on social media. Other times? They do, but they don't care.

At least New England coach Bill Belichick provided some levity. When asked about the video, he said, "I'm not on Snapface."

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