Since the 1979-80 season, when the NBA adopted the three-point shot, no player in league history has played more than 5,000 minutes while making a lower percentage of field goals than the Wolves' Ricky Rubio. He has played nearly 7,000 minutes and made just 36.5 percent of his shots from the field.

Now to play 5,000 minutes in the NBA means you are doing some things right. Plenty of worse shooters haven't made it that far. For instance, if you change the criteria to more than 500 minutes played instead of 5,000 minutes played, there are 54 players from 1979-present who have a worse field goal percentage than Rubio.

And Rubio does more than just some things right. His near-quadruple-double Wednesday was a great example of how he impacts the game, though it was almost too perfect that he shot 3-for-10 and didn't reach double figures in scoring.

He's clearly a very good player in a lot of ways. But we're also nearly 7,000 minutes in, and these are inescapable facts: Rubio is a bad shooter, he's not getting any better and it's a problem.