The most disappointing thing about Ricky Rubio’s season — now officially over — isn’t that he only played 22 games. He badly sprained his left ankle to account for a lot of those missed games. If the Wolves were in a playoff chase, it would be interesting to see if he were playing now instead of being shut down. Interpret that as you will.

To me, the most disappointing thing is that all we heard in the offseason was about Rubio working with a shooting coach to get better. Instead, his three-point shooting and overall shooting percentage were worse than last year, which was already ghastly.

BIG BLOW The Twins probably would have finished last even with a full year of Ervin Santana. This is a blow to perception, which is still important.


DOWN YEARS? The Big Ten could have the football and men’s basketball national champs in “down years” for the league in both sports.