Tucked away inside our guy Michael Russo's notebook in Monday's paper was an interesting item indicating the Wild will have to choose between its home red and home green jerseys next season when Adidas takes over the NHL's uniform business from Reebok.

Yes, a league is actually trying to decrease jersey options. Amazing.

But, but, but … I kind of like BOTH of those jerseys.

The red ones are maybe a little loud and Christmas-y, but the Wild logo in the middle is solid. They overall have a nice, clean look,

The green ones are more true to the organization's primary color (and the motif of Xcel Energy Center), but they're a little bland.

Is there some sort of happy middle ground (maybe the green ones with a splash of red?

We haven't had a Wild controversy this hot since the team switched its goal song to "Let's Go Crazy" (which seems to be working out quite well this season).

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