Former Colts executive Bill Polian said Tuesday night on Sirius XM radio — in the wake of Teddy Bridgewater's season-ending injury — that the Vikings should bring back Christian Ponder.

Eh, what? Let's hear Polian out for a moment and let him explain.

"He's the obvious choice for a lot of reasons. The only drawback … is that he is a failed No. 1 choice in Minnesota, and all the fans know it. To some degree the players know it — not to some degree, the players do know it. … But you're in a heck of a fix right now. And he provides, as a backup with Shaun Hill being the guy, as a backup he provides stability and a little bit of time to look for a better solution. Ultimately sometimes in a situation where there are no good solutions, the least hurtful solution is the one that makes sense."

If you squint at what he's saying from the perfect angle, it makes sense. The Vikings know him. He would know his role. But still: no.

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