What's next for fired Nebraska men's basketball coach Tim Miles? In the short term, it was bringing his family to the Final Four and trying to enjoy the weekend. That worked out pretty well, except …

"I would tell you my left shoulder is bruised from enough people patting me on the back, saying, 'Oh, gee, hey hang in there, Coach,' " Miles said. "I probably need to start working out again at a new level."

Miles is sure he will coach again.

"I feel like we've built every program up. Even Nebraska. And I'm glad they got their quote-unquote guy. Good for them. At my expense? Not so good. But it happens. You win a whole bunch and you lose a whole bunch. That life. That's life for me getting fired," Miles said. "But I left for college in 1985, and I just never left school. I went from one campus to the next to the next. I'm probably not very grown up. I might be idealistic and have this dream. But I'm going to find another spot."

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