Ramsey County sheriff's deputy Brett A. Berry forcibly kissed and groped patrons at the Black Bear Casino before beating his K-9 partner in frustration several minutes later, according to documents released Tuesday.

An internal affairs investigation into Berry's actions on June 15, 2015, said that he acted in an "aggressive manner" toward three people while drinking at the casino's Cobalt lounge in Carlton, Minn.

"His conduct in the Cobalt Lounge toward [redacted] patrons was disrespectful," said the investigation report. "He agreed that his conduct … was inappropriate."

Berry, 49, of Oakdale, pleaded guilty in January to beating his K-9 partner, Boone, but the full extent of his unwanted advances at the bar hadn't been disclosed until the sheriff's office released documents from its investigation Tuesday.

Berry was fired April 12 but successfully contested the termination and returned to work Nov. 2. At a news conference that week, Chief Deputy Jack Serier said the sheriff's office was obligated by law to reinstate him because an arbitrator had ruled that he be allowed to return to work.

Berry could not be reached for comment Tuesday. Officials at Law Enforcement Labor Services, the state's largest law enforcement labor union, did not return messages seeking comment. The union represented Berry in arbitration.

Berry has not been charged for his alleged behavior at the bar. The internal affairs investigation shows that at the time no one had filed a report with local authorities.

"He was told none of the [redacted] made a complaint to police about his conduct or there may have been additional charges against him," the investigation said. "When asked if he felt his conduct rose to that level, he said he believed there could have been other charges.

"He said he was ashamed of his actions and was sorry."

Berry and Boone were attending the U.S. Police Canine Association's regional certification trials at the time. The internal affairs investigation shows that Berry's troubling behavior began about 12:16 a.m. when he sat down next to someone in the lounge.

The names and identifying information of the people involved were redacted by the sheriff's office for legal reasons.

According to the investigation: Berry leaned close to the person and "appeared to attempt" a kiss on the cheek. Berry placed a hand behind the person twice and tried to reach for the person's arm. The person pulled away. Berry placed a hand behind the person.

"Mr. Barry [sic] placed his arm around [redacted] and pulled [redacted] toward him and attempted to kiss [redacted]," the investigation said. "[Redacted] pushed Mr. Barry away."

At 12:38 a.m., Berry grabbed someone identified in the investigation only as "off duty [redacted]" by the neck and pulled the person backward.

Berry started talking to someone at 12:41 a.m. He kissed that person, placed an arm across their back and attempted another kiss. The person pulled away, then slapped his hand as he pulled on their shirt.

Security confronted Berry.

"Who the [expletive] am I harassing?" Berry said. "I have a right to know."

Berry was eventually escorted out of the hotel lobby. The attack on the police dog occurred about 20 minutes later around 1:08 a.m. Berry forcefully lifted Boone by the collar in the parking lot, pushed him to the ground and struck him with the leash.

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