Ragnar, the longtime Minnesota Vikings mascot who was ousted from his sideline-cheering role before this season’s first home game, was shown on national television Sunday swapping his horned helmet for a cheesehead headwear long favored by Green Bay Packers fans.

The video clip, aired hours before the Vikings and Packers battle Sunday night in Green Bay for the NFC’s North Division title, brought an immediate objection from Fox Sports studio analyst and former Vikings star receiver Randy Moss.

“C’mon, Ragnar, you don’t put on that cheesehead and walk through the woods,” Moss said.

Watch Ragnar turn into a Cheesehead here

The video shows Ragnar walking in the snowy woods and coming upon a package. with a note saying it came from the Packers organization. He finds the yellow wedge inside, removes his Vikings warrior head gear and dons the favored fashion statement of Packers fans.

“Kinda got a nice feel to it,” Ragnar said, who tromps through the snow saying, “Go Pack, go; Go Pack, go … ”

Ragnar, whose real name is Joe Juranitch, lost his job as a motorcycle-riding, shaggy-haired mascot before this season after he asked for a raise to $20,000 a game from $1,500.