Lorentz is No. 4 in the state coaches association Class 2A singles rankings.


Q: St. Louis Park isn’t known for great tennis players. Are you getting noticed?

A: Oh, yes. My whole team has been really supportive. The whole community knows how bad I want to place in [the] state [tournament] and it pushes me to do my best.


Q: Did you consider moving?

A: In my freshman year, I thought about going to Edina, but I decided not to. I’m from St. Louis Park and I’m really proud to represent where I’m from.


Q: What is your style?

A: I’m an aggressive baseliner. I don’t come to the net very often, but I will jump on a short cross-court backhand.


Q: Some players choose not to play high school tennis. Did that ever cross your mind?

A: No! The best memories I have are from high school. I enjoy it so much.


Q: What do you like the most?

A: The adrenaline that comes when you play a match and the energy you have with your community here watching and supporting you.


Q: Coolest place you’ve played?

A: Probably California last summer. It was in the nationals in San Diego, with the top 128 players in the nation. It was beautiful.


Q: Netflix binge?

A: “Friday Night Lights.”


Q: A tip for young players?

A: Don’t psych yourself out. Believe in yourself.