Horn, a sophomore, has played for the varsity team since he was in eighth grade. The Tartan guard, who also plays for AAU team Howard Pulley, has helped shoulder the offensive load throughout the season for the Titans.


Q What aspects of your game do you think you’ve made the most improvements on since you’ve joining varsity?

A Probably my offensive game with the ball in my hands. Setting my teammates up for baskets. … Really just taking [defenders] off the dribble, scoring outside, inside.


Q Biggest differences between high school basketball and AAU?

A Every game in AAU so far for me, you’ve got to really motivate yourself to play hard but when the crowd’s hyped for high school, it’s easy to motivate yourself. But really the game doesn’t really change for me except there’s a lot more stars on your team.


Q Tartan lost in the first round of the state tournament last year. Was that loss motivation this season?

A Oh, yeah, definitely. Plus, we lost a lot of seniors who were major contributors and really losing that game made us really come together and work harder in the summer and in the offseason to prepare for the season.


Q What have you learned from your past trips to the postseason?

A Really just when the postseason comes, it’s really crunch time. Win or go home. My engagement level’s a lot higher, motivation level’s a lot higher to play the game because it’s really win or go home. Everything’s on the line so really just play your heart out. Do what you can to win the game.


Q Is there anyone who you try to model your game after?

A Even though he just graduated high school, Tyus Jones; just kind of be a complete point guard. Chris Paul. Really, all the complete point guards that came through college and the NBA.