Quick Q&A


This is Tuomela’s first year competing at the high school level after she left her club gymnastics team, the Twin Cities Twisters. Anoka coach Amy Hedberg calls Tuomela the school’s best gymnast in a decade because of her well-roundedness.


Q: How does it feel to be called Anoka’s best gymnast in a decade?

A: That feels really good to have these coaches that I look up to give me a compliment like that.


Q: What has the adjustment process been like during this year?

A: First of all, just moving teams, because I had been on my other team for a few years now. But it’s actually been really fun because a lot of these people are my classmates.


Q: When did you start gymnastics?

A: I always was doing somersaults and cartwheels around my house, so then my mom put me in [classes] when I was 7.


Q: Being an all-around, do you have a favorite event?

A: Floor is my favorite because it’s fun; it’s just easy to compete.


Q: Why did you leave club gymnastics to compete at the high school level?

A: Club was really stressful because you’re training 20 hours a week, and it’s just a lot on top of school. High school is a lot different because it’s more relaxed and it’s a lot less stress because you train about half of that, and you’re with your friends. I would definitely say that I have [improved].


Q: Goals for this season and beyond?

A: My main goal this year as a sophomore is to make it to state, but overall just to have fun because that’s why I switched to high school.