• Age: 32
  • Lives in: Seward, Minneapolis
  • Occupation: Co-owner & director of software design at the Elumenati (www.elumenati.com)

Q: You've been known for using lasers and other high-tech visuals in installation art. What inspired you to incorporate your background in computer technology into art?

A: I love art, but recognize that I'm more gifted at science and engineering. I've found a calling helping artists incorporate technology.

Q: You've customized Munny dolls for designer toy store Tomodachi. What goes into that?

A: About 10 bottles of Super Glue, 100 Japanese erasers and 1,000 frames of animation.

Q: Geeks aren't known for embracing fashion, but you're always donning bright colors and bow ties.

A: As a color scientist, I studied how fashion industry works. I find it very romantic. Fashion's approach to creativity was alien to my Spock brain at first, but I eventually fell in love.

Q: We heard you bought a shirt you actually framed. Why?

A: Fashion is art. The designer, Christoph Broich, sprays colorants to fashion folded like origami. Once unfolded, the color's negative space is revealed.

Q: Who's more of a genius, Stephen Hawking or Einstein?

A: Stephen Hawking sits on Einstein's shoulders, plus he's more fun to make out of papier-mâché and wheel to a party.