Q: Your given name is Christopher. How did you start going by Christo?

A: It was actually a class assignment to get your name first on Google. Searching for Christo Collins ended up giving back results that were all my social media pages. People started calling me that as a joke, then it just kind of stuck.

Q: You're quite the clotheshorse. Who are your favorite designers?

A: I'm fascinated by crazy prints. Jeremy Scott is my favorite designer. I'm also in love with KTZ, Joyrich, Gerlan Jeans, Henry Holland and Cassette Playa.

Q: You seem to have a new hair color every week. What's the fascination?

A: It's a summer thing. Last summer I had pink, red, yellow, aqua and purple. This summer I'm sticking to different shades of blue.

Q: Jetset is hosting an official after party for Scissor Sisters during Pride. How did you guys manage that?

A: It actually just kind of fell into our laps. They're performing here on June 23 [at the River's Edge Music Festival] and a friend of a friend who works for Paper Magazine is roomies with the band's manager. He e-mailed Jetset and we, of course, were all over it.

Q: What do you love/hate most about Pride?

A: I love Pride. It's kind of like a weeklong barbecue. The only thing I complain about during Pride is how many rainbows I see. I hate rainbows.

  • Age: 23
  • Lives in: North Loop
  • Occupation: Freelance designer/bouncer at Jetset