Age: 32.

Lives in: South Minneapolis.

Occupation: Freelance director of photography.

Q: You do a lot of traveling for your job. What was the craziest thing that ever happened to you on location?

A: I was once evacuated from the rim of a volcano in Japan as a cloud of toxic sulfuric gas was bearing down on us. I wish the wind had held out for a minute longer -- we were capturing the most amazing fog-belching, green/blue-colored sulfuric lake inside the volcano.

Q: Shooting at remote locales or wild concerts like the Doomtree Blowout -- which do you prefer?

A: I love shooting narrative work the most, and I love the creativity of a music video. But I love shooting live music because it puts me in interesting places to see live performances and I get to participate in a unique way.

Q: How did you get your start as a filmmaker?

A: I've been making my own movies as far back as I can remember, but my first job in production was on "Real World Chicago" as an art department PA. Getting into the film business is easy, it's like the carnival.

Q: How do you spend a rare day off?

A: Sleeping. Or likely hanging with friends, cleaning up the messes I've let pile up in my apartment, exploring the culinary opportunities in the Twin Cities, watching movies or playing games on my PS3.