A 14-year-old girl from Little Falls, Minn., has been located and is safe at home after having been missing since Friday night, authorities said.

Emily Gerwing’s family had expected her to return home after the Little Falls high school football game, but she did not, according to the Morrison County Sheriff’s Department.

A Facebook post by Gerwing’s mother said she had been in touch via Snapchat at 6 p.m. Friday but after that hadn’t heard from her. Friends told the mother that Gerwing had talked about running away.

“Please please have her call me,” the mother said in her post before Emily was found. “I won’t yell, she doesn’t even have to let me talk, she can just say I’m okay and hang up on me. I just need to hear her voice so I know that she is okay.”

On Saturday evening, the Minnesota Sheriffs’ Association tweeted that “Emily’s family has shared that she has been found and is safe at home! Thanks to all who shared [the information about her]!”