Kentrell Brothers Vikings linebacker

Username: LAFLAMEv2

How he plays: Xbox

Kentrell on team bonding: "I've learned a lot about these guys just like, and I'm not talking deep conversations, I'm talking random things, like maybe Eric [Wilson] likes this, then we talk about other games, then we talk about hanging out, and then we'll all just end up together, end up going out together. Just brings everybody together. It's just a fun game."

Favorite skin: Season five level 100 Ragnarok skin

J.T. Brown Wild forward

Username: XtwigX TRICORE

How he plays: PC

J.T. on his username: "It started in Xbox. All of my entire friends group that we played with going back to high school, we all picked our favorite hockey stick. So we just did the twig part and then we chose what was our favorite twig growing up."

Favorite skins: Cuddle Team Leader (above), Brite Gunner and Bandolier. He currently plays as the rare Samsung Galaxy skin.

Trevor May Twins pitcher

Username: IamTrevorMay

How he plays: PC

Best win: "My first solo win was most exciting. It took me a while, actually, I got stuck on final two, and I just kept choking. And then I realized that I was a professional athlete, and I should be able to do this. So I eventually got to a point where I just relaxed and got the job done, and they just kind of came after that. But yeah, I liken it to getting a big out on the mound. It feels very similar."

Favorite skin: Snorkel Ops