For those who want to be wrestling-literate today, WWE was in Green Bay on Monday night after Sunday's pay-per-view event at Target Center.

One of Monday's wrestlers was Elias, whose act includes bringing a guitar into the ring and asking fans a signature question: "Who wants to walk with Elias?" (Think of it as his version of Ric Flair's, "If you want to be the man, you have to beat the man" line.)

This time, Elias combined his question with another pro wrestling signature move, mocking something dear to the hearts of local fans.

In this case, his response to the fans' cheering was this: "That's a pretty strong response. But, then again, anything is strong compared to Aaron Rodgers' collarbone."

Soon after, Elias lost his match on a disqualification, when he hit his opponent with the guitar.

Be grateful Elias wasn't near the Twin Cities when Teddy Bridgewater busted his knee.