The St. Paul headquarters of Pro-Life Action Ministries was vandalized Sunday night with anti-child, anti-Trump and anti-Christian sentiments.

The messages in spray-paint included “Another [expletive] mouth to feed,” “[Expletive] Trump” and an upside-down cross at the organization’s building at 1163 Payne Av. As a nonprofit, Pro-Life Action Ministries never endorsed Donald Trump, said Brian Gibson, the organization’s executive director.

He said he also received a harassing phone call earlier in the day. Jan. 22 was the 44th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, the U.S. Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion.

“What I find most disturbing is the hate speech indicated by the upside-down cross, reminiscent of the KKK. Clearly, there are those among pro-abortion rights advocates who seek to threaten, harass and intimidate those who peacefully seek to protect innocent life,” Gibson said in a statement. “But let me make this even clearer, we are not intimidated. Our work to return protection to the defenseless will continue unabated.”

St. Paul police are investigating.