Prince at Macy's, 2007 (Strib photo by David Joles.)

Prince at Macy's, 2007 (Strib photo by David Joles.)

 At least that's what a French rag says:


"I want to live in France," the 52-year old artist told newspaper Le Parisien in an interview published on Thursday.


Prince's next album entitled '20ten', to be distributed through newspapers in Europe, will reflect a personal diary of the year, he said.


"I'm writing a lot at the moment ... I'm going through a very creative phase," Prince said.


His harmonica player also told the Paris daily that Prince loved French culture and was a big fan of actress Marion Cotillard and the film "La Vie en Rose," in which she played singer Edith Piaf.

His harmonica player? Think back to the 80s: you would not expect Prince to have a harmonica player. (But you would have expected him to play Piaf in a movie. ) Still, it’s not impossible to see him as an old man in 30 years, sitting on a wooden stool in a village in Province, playing “When Doves Cry” on an accordion. Like all cliched Frenchmen, he’d have to wear a beret. If only there was some way of knowing what color beret he’d prefer.

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