Not only will Prince fans soon be able to dance to his hits every weekend at Paisley Park, they can even try to hit his falsetto notes in a recording studio there — if they're brave enough.

Representatives at Prince's studio complex in Chanhassen announced a mixtape-like array of new activities Thursday as they furthered their quest to keep Paisley Park vibrant, fun and profitable.

Among the new options for visitors: nighttime parties every Friday and Saturday beginning Dec. 2-3; a "Sunday Brunch Experience" tour, and an added option with the $100 VIP tours to record your own vocals to a Prince song in a recording studio.

Paisley Park officials cranked up the volume of activities just two weeks after the Chanhassen City Council approved rezoning of Prince's workplace and residence into a public museum. Tours of Paisley had been offered since early October via a special-event permit, but further plans were on hold as the council addressed traffic and safety concerns.

The weekend parties will be the biggest change in the museum's operations. A $60 ticket good for both nights will include a dance party with a DJ in the NPG Music Club room on Fridays beginning at 6 p.m., followed by a "movie night" on Saturdays with screenings of his films and concert footage. It is unclear how late the parties will go.

The brunches will be offered every Sunday beginning Dec. 4 for $100 and include the VIP tour. Thursdays will be the only day fans can go crazy and record vocals onto a USB flash drive in Studio B during the VIP tour, also for $100 and starting Dec. 4.

Chanhassen Mayor Denny Laufenburger said all of these new offerings fall within the ordinance approved by the council.

"They're trying to generate and sustain interest in Paisley Park, which is a good thing," Laufenburger said, "but they're also trying to stay true to the vision Prince had for the place, and I think this all falls in line with that."

Prince himself hosted late-night affairs there going back to his christening performance on New Year's Eve, 1987. He even held a dance party there the weekend before his April 21 death from an overdose.

Now operated by Graceland Holdings — which also runs Elvis Presley's home museum in Memphis — Paisley Park's representatives did not respond to requests for comment Thursday, when tickets to these new events went on sale via