Prince circa 1997. / AP File

Prince circa 1997. / AP file photo

Even before they started handing out trophies during the Emmy Awards telecast last night, Prince fans were doling out tweets lambasting Capital One and the singer’s estate for using “Let’s Go Crazy” in a new TV commercial campaign for the credit card company.

The first commercial aired during the pre-show telecast, and the first shocked and angry reactions on Twitter followed just seconds later. The commercials -- which show various scenes of people joyously charging away, but do not feature any images of Prince -- kept airing during the awards, as did the grievances on Twitter.

Most fans agreed Prince himself never would have approved the use of his original recording in the ads. Some fans pointed a finger at his family for selling him out. Many fans suggested he was rolling over in his grave. One even suggested that was a good thing – “it might annoy him so much that he gets right up out of his grave and comes back to life.”

Even a former attorney for the estate who also worked for Prince, Londell McMillan – who himself was criticized for some of the deals he made on behalf of the estate – took to Twitter to voice his discontent with this commercial, not the first national TV campaign to feature Prince’s music but the most questionable one. McMillan’s tweet read, “Prince would have never approved that “Let’s Go Crazy” license to a bank Capital One. #Disrespectful”

To be fair, licensing decisions such as this commercial are left up to the former Spotify and record-company executive hired by Comerica to manage Prince’s estate, Troy Carter. It’s very possible the singer’s family had little input in the decision. However, family members continue to rack up millions of dollars in attorneys fees, and they still face a massive estate tax, so the money is needed -- all due in large part to the still mind-boggling fact that Prince did not leave a will.

Still, it seems rather unanimous these Capital One commercials go entirely against his will. Local Twitter star Chris Steller (@Chris_Stellar) also made the rather astute observation, “Prince sacrilege aside, ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ is a terrible message for a credit card commercial.”

Here are some of the more colorful and vehement reactions to the commercial on Twitter (the PG-rated ones, anyway).