When not waving a wand, Daniel Radcliffe has made some rather bewitching career decisions. The “Harry Potter” star hasn’t gone mad like many child stars, but he certainly has tried to distance himself from the character. Our favorites:

Stripped and strutted on the stage: Radcliffe bared his stage chops as a violent 17-year-old boy with a sexual attraction to horses, but more famously also bared his naughty bits, in the 2007 London and 2008-09 New York productions of “Equus.”

Published terrible poetry: In an underground magazine aptly named Rubbish, under the pen name Jacob Gershon, Radcliffe published poems in 2007 about a rich businessman living a life with hookers and “sweet champagne with no remorse.”

Saw dead people: What’s more surprising: Radcliffe in his first horror film or Radcliffe playing a dad for more than 10 minutes in 2012’s “The Woman in Black”?

Had a hunch: Radcliffe starred as Igor, sans the actual hunchback for most of the movie, in a scarier, less campy version of “Victor Frankenstein” in 2015.

Played a farting corpse: The recent “Swiss Army Man” saw Radcliffe as a gassy dead man. People walked out of its Sundance Film Festival screening — noses in the air.