One of the Twin Cities best-known and hardest-working turntablists, DJ Keezy, was suddenly unplugged over the weekend when her car was stolen with most of her performance gear inside.

“I can’t perform at Constantine tonight because of [messed]-up ppl in this world,” the real-life Akeena Bronson tweeted Friday night. “My car is stolen my computer is gone my equipment is gone all my music is gone.”

Her blue Hyundai Sonota was reportedly parked near Walker Art Center at the time of the theft. By Sunday, a GoFundMe page had been started to help offset her losses, with widespread support from friends in the local hip-hop community and music scene.

On her GoFundMe page, organizer Maiya Hartman wrote, “As an artist it is much less about the financial strain than the hours you've put into the craft, but that being said roughly $5,000 worth of equipment was taken.”

Keezy has led the all-women Klituation hip-hop parties and other numerous other dance events. She’s been on the road a lot this year serving as Dem Atlas’s DJ, including many dates with Atmosphere. The next gig she's due to perform at is a big one: The third anniversary for Klituation at the Varsity Theater on Friday, also featuring Lady Midnight, Maria Isa, Ysheyellin, DJ Yasmeenah, Booboo, Asia Divine, Manchita and more. The show is still on (9:30 p.m., $12).

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