Tyra Banks is still in the hot seat. In a recent column I noted viewer complaints about Banks as the new host of "Dancing With the Stars," and my own agreement. My mail since then has been filled with more letters. Such as:

Q: Tyra Banks is self-indulging and is not going to go well with myself. The outfits she wears clearly compete with the dancers and the judges. I now record the show, and fast forward to delete Tyra completely. I really do not care what she has to say.

My sisters and I agree wholeheartedly with you about Tyra Banks. She is not right as the host at all. Very hard to watch. She is truly bringing the show down. They jumped the shark with this one!!!

Her hair is totally disastrous. Either she stops doing her own hair or stops directing the hairstylists. Her costumes, themes or not, are awful. Someone must help her pick out less outrageous outfits.

And she seems to buttinsky too much. Premise of show is the spotlight is on the dancers, not her.

And one more (from many others):

I like Tyra on other shows, but this is not for her. It seems she is trying to place more emphasis on herself more than the dancers. She is not right for this hosting job. I DVR the show so now I can skip the parts where there is Tyra and any nonsense going on with her.

A: And what do we do with all this? The ratings for "DWTS" are not what they once were (as is the case with most broadcast shows), but it has been competitive in the pandemic-fractured prime-time landscape. Banks may be drawing in some viewers, at least for time-delayed viewing for incidents like the elimination foul-up on Oct. 5, or to see her occasional struggles with a live format.

And, as I've said before, the idea of the show as a dance competition slips when you look at the glammed-up routines, the pushing of personalities over dancing skill, and other elements. (One reader's long-standing complaint is about the use of non-Latin music with Latin dances when the type of music "is so important to how the dance is executed.") We'll just have to see if ABC still thinks this change was necessary or recognizes its mistake.

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