Q: I have fond memories of the series "Northern Exposure." I have never seen reruns of it and am wondering why and if it ever will be shown again?

A: The show is loved and, as I mentioned a couple of months ago, star Rob Morrow has been trying for years to relaunch the series. But apparently it is unseen over the air or streaming because of music rights problems. As you may recall, the show used a lot of pop music; it doesn't get that for free, and sometimes studios are not willing to keep paying for the tunes. Other (often inferior) music gets substituted, and — as several reports over the years have indicated — the show's creators do not want it seen that way. As for home video, the first set of DVDs of the series from Universal Home Entertainment had the dreaded music substitutions. Shout! Factory, which now distributes a DVD set of "Northern Exposure," did not restore any original music that was not already included in the prior Universal DVD release.

Morrisons aren't brothers

Q: Is WWE wrestler John Morrison related to the late rocker Jim Morrison?

A: It might seem that way since one DVD about the wrestler is called "John Morrison: Rock Star." But as far as I can find he is not related to the Doors' lead singer. For one thing, John Morrison's given name is John Hennigan; he has used that name in some of his show-business efforts.