This past Saturday was my first trip ever out on Pool 2, I have fished the Mississippi quite a bit just not this particular pool or this early in the year.  My main objectives were to make sure the boat was running well and to start learn the water for a bass club outing I had coming up on May 17.  I launched out of the Lions Park in St. Paul Park, what nice a landing!  I was glad to see water temperatures hovering in the mid 50's even in the main channel.

I fished quite a few areas around Pigs Eye lake area of the river.  All in all, I got lots of casting practice in and only two bites, both of then either bit me off or broke off on the hook set.  Both of those bites were on black tube baits.  I spent a lot of time fishing a white Super K swim jig as well.  I also dabbled with crankbaits, spinnerbaits, jerkbaits and Tru-Tungsten jigs.

I will probably get out again this weekend, but I think I will focus my time further south on the pool 2.  I need to hone my early spring skills on the river, as the bass have eluded me thus far....

Tight Lines,
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