A vulnerable adult and her 14-month-old brother reported missing have been found alive and in good condition, a Minneapolis Police Department spokesman said.

Cha’Tasia Jaree Buchanan, 22, and her brother, Triston James Alvin, were spotted about 10:20 a.m. outside Bethune Community School at 919 Emerson Avenue N., said spokesman Corey Schmidt.

The two were fine, Schmidt said, but Buchanan was taken to North Memorial Medical Center to be checked out for a possible seizure, he said.

The toddler is with back with family.

It was not immediately known where the pair has been since they left their house on the 1600 block of Newton Avenue N. in Minneapolis about 5:30 p.m. Friday. They were walking to Wally’s Foods at 1840 Penn Avenue N. when they were last seen. Buchanan has been described to police as a vulnerable adult and Alvin has a heart murmur, Schmidt said.

Personnel at the school recognized the two after seeing reports on traditional and social media and called police, Schmidt said.