TWEET OF THE GAME «Appreciate everyone who supported us the whole season. Love you guys and Vikings pride.» Vikings DB Xavier Rhodes (@XavierRhodes29_)

Amid the pitchforks

If Blair Walsh hadn't been the Vikings best offensive weapon for the first 59+ minutes, they never would have been in position to win at the end. Give the blame to someone else.


Turning pretty quickly

The Vikings surely can find a back who is capable of getting 45 yards on 23 carries who doesn't fumble for a lot less money than Peterson makes. Trade him for whatever they can get.


Probably a good thing 'we' lost

Hats off to the many hardy fans that were able to make it to the game. Hate the loss but didn't think that we are quite there yet to go much farther.


The door is always open

When the whole team leaves the entire game on one single player for every point and under extreme pressure … you leave the door open for bad things.