So the Twins just gave $10 million guaranteed over the next two seasons to Michael Pineda, a pitcher who has a long injury history and underwent Tommy John surgery in July, meaning he wouldn't pitch much — if at all — in the first year of his two-year contract. And I'm here to say that the Twins look … smart? Yes. Bear with me. There are a number of factors, but the big one is this:

The Twins' greatest postseason downfall from 2002-present has been a lack of lights-out starting pitchers. Like the Twins' pursuit of Chris Archer via trade and/or Yu Darvish in free agency — both of whom should still be in play, since this Pineda deal is more aimed at 2019 — this move is about adding upper-echelon arm talent. Imagine a Twins rotation in 2019 that includes Archer or Darvish, Pineda and Jose Berrios. Those are guys who can generate the swings and misses needed to succeed in the postseason.

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