It is Memorial Day weekend. It may be one day away, but already on my mind. So many things to do! My peas are coming up nicely and we had a bit of fresh spinach on pasta last night, but the REAL planting starts on Saturday.

I have almost 100 square feet of garden that has yet to be turned, raked and planted. To many people it seems like a chore, but to me it is heaven. When the sweat beads up and dusty soil sticks to my forehead like flour on a freshly greased baking pan, I’m happy! (That’s why I keep a bandanna in my pocket.)

I’ll be stopping at the garden center on Friday. I’ve planned on spending about $100, but when the harvest comes in, I know the food savings will stack up. If each tomato plant yields 6 - 10 pounds of fruit, and you need about 1 pound per pint of canned tomatoes, I can hope for about a hundred pints from the 12 tomato plants I will be purchasing.

Oh optimism! In my mind, I’ll see several gallon bags of Brussels sprouts, roasted and canned red peppers, beets, pickles, squash, peas... The freezer will be packed come September.

Besides dreaming and planting, I’ll be harvesting rhubarb. The printed version of Taste section today had some great recipes. I’m going to try pickling some stalks (and tasting a rhubarb cocktail as the cans rest).

Then there is grilling, car shopping, placing flowers on graves of loved ones, fishing, mowing, the farmers market. I’m sure Sunday night’s Epsom salt-laced bath will feel great.

What are your plans for the weekend?

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