On Tuesday night, we'll get an update on how things are coming along on the planning of St. Paul's Grand Rounds.

City staff and consultants will share the latest for the northern portion of the route at a meeting Tuesday at the Arlington Hills Library, 1200 Payne Avenue.

The St. Paul Grand Round is a visionary project to "continue the development of approximately 30 miles of scenic parkways connecting neighborhoods across the entire city with off-street bicycle and pedestrian facilities," a website touting the project says.

The southern portion of the route, roughly south of Interstate 94 is complete. Work on the northern portion of the route began last summer and is continuing.

The northern route includes 12.5 mile parkway system which includes the following segments:

  1. Johnson Parkway (Burns Ave. to Phalen Blvd.)
  2. Phalen Park (Phalen Blvd. to Arcade St.)
  3. Wheelock Parkway (Rice St. to Edgerton St.)
  4. Wheelock Parkway (Como Ave. to Rice St. and Edgerton St. to Arcade St.)
  5. Como Park (Como Ave. to Hamline Ave)
  6. Como Avenue (Hamline Ave. to Raymond Ave.)
  7. Raymond Avenue (Como Ave. to University Ave.)
  8. Pelham Boulevard (University Ave. to Mississippi River Blvd.)

The Saint Paul Grand Round was envisioned in the late 1800s by prominent landscape architect H. W. S. Cleveland. Cleveland was hired by both Saint Paul and Minneapolis to outline a plan for their respective park systems.

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