A pitbull-boxer dog mauled and killed a much smaller Papillon Sunday evening at Martin Luther King Jr. park while the owners of both dogs looked on, according to a police bulletin. The owner of the pitbull-type left the park after the 7 p.m. attack and didn't cooperate with the owners of the injured animal, according to the bulletin. A Papillon, also known as a Continental Toy Spaniel, rarely weighs more than 10 pounds.

The police bulletin asked residents to help identify the pitbull owner, describing her as an African-American woman about 5'1" to 5'4" who was at the park with a baby, two small boys and a girl aged nine or 10. The pitbull-boxer mix is brown with a light tan chest and neck.

After the attack the woman walked east on the footbridge over Interstate 35W, according to city animal control.

A woman writing on the Minneapolis Issues Forum on Monday who identified herself as the owner of the slain dog warned others about Martin Luther King Jr. park, saying it's too dangerous for small dogs. "We thought we were extra careful but could not stop the attack," the woman wrote.

Anyone with information was asked to call Minneapolis Animal Control at 612-370-1434.