A new generation of little Pippas, Flynns and Lunas will be heading to preschool in a few years, according to the baby name site, www.nameberry.com.

Thanks to celebrities, a quest for classics and the year's big events, there are some rather "creative" choices coming out of the maternity ward, according to the site's projections for the hottest names of 2011.

Pippa (or the full name, "Philippa") takes the lead, thanks to a certain notable wedding. Asher unseats Henry as the longtime top boy's name, and rounding out the top three is Elula, the name of Isla Fisher and Sasha Baron Cohen's second daughter.

The list was based on analysis of page views at Nameberry so far this year. Other surprising choices for the list include:

Hadley: The name of Ernest Hemingway's first wife is expected to rise in popularity following the success of the bestselling novel, "The Paris Wife."

Arlo: Ava heated up the girls' lists of the past decade, but now we can expect to see short boys' names ending in "O," such as Nico, Hugo and Otto.

Luna: The name that David and Posh Beckham were rumored to be naming their new baby; instead they chose Harper, which is so 2010.

Flynn, Archer, Mila and any vintage girl's name that starts with "Ad" completes the list.

By comparison, the top 2010 baby names in Minnesota were Mason and Ava.

What do you think? Will Minnesota be "Pippafied" in 2011?