Forget about the Twins being 0-2 and losing starting pitchers left and right. Because it's time for our annual prediction exercise. That's right, it's Pick to Click time.

This is your time to predict which Twins players will have big seasons. All you have to do is select one pitcher and one position player, sit back and enjoy the season. The fun part about this exercise is that you can detach yourself from daily ups and downs of the local nine to follow the players you selected.

Last year, we both picked Aaron Hicks for our position player to click, and if that isn't the best example of how risky the prediction business is I don't know what is.

Last year, I took Phil Hughes as my pitcher to click, while readers selected Kyle Gibson. Gibby wasn't bad, but Hughes won 16 games. Boom! Give me a moment while I break into my victory dance!

So let's get on with the 2015 Picks to Click. One Twins position player. One Twins pitcher. Who's having a big year? What say you? I'll take predictions for about a week, then post the results.

And...I'm hosting live chat today at noon. Stop on by....