A half-dozen cool things in music, from two points of view:

Kasey Chambers, Cedar Cultural Center. Stunning performances of soulful blues ("I Ain't No Little Girl") and rock-tinged gospel ("Wheelbarrow") to a White Stripes cover ("Seven Nation Army"). Touring behind the new album "Bittersweet," the Aussie singer/songwriter played new and old songs to the delight of a loyal audience.

YouTube video of Jeff Beck and Imelda May playing "Walking in the Sand." It's a classic, killer piece of music. With incredible guitar and timeless vocals, this clip is a must-see for the retro-blues crowd.

Hippo Campus. Fresh off being labeled "best newcomers" at Lollapalooza by Rolling Stone, the tight indie-rock band from Woodbury continues to wow in live performances. Its new EP, including the song "South," is worth checking out, as is the video of "Suicide Saturday."

Patrick Drescich, Woodbury

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N.W.A. interview by Kendrick Lamar, Billboard magazine. Inspired idea with pretty good execution. The younger rapper, who is also from Compton, Calif., shows respect and asks fairly easy and predictable questions that yield some insights. Best exchange: When did you first know you were more than local stars? Dr. Dre: "When I saw Axl Rose wearing an N.W.A. cap in one of his videos."

Jeff Tweedy quote, Rolling Stone. "There's a lot of middle ground there between somebody like Bob Dylan and Paul McCartney, who totally gives it up every night for the people and the songs. But if I had to choose one to be more inspired by, it's definitely on the more curmudgeonly/[expletive] side of the spectrum."

Miguel, State Theatre. The Los Angeles rock 'n' soul man loves wearing fringe, singing about sex and delivering sermons about being yourself and believing in yourself. Even if the dynamics of many of his songs were too similar, he won over the crowd with his entertaining showmanship, freak-flag waving and oversexed songs.

Jon Bream, Star Tribune