A half-dozen cool things in music, from two points of view:


Joe Cocker tribute, Parkway Theater. Mick Sterling and friends treated a full house to a stellar show. Backed by Melanie Rosales, Cate Fierro and an 11-piece band, Billy Franze’s singing of “You Are So Beautiful” (with hand spasms) sent the crowd over the edge.

“Nashville” at Northrop. Many hearts beat faster at the newly remodeled theater when the singing cast of the TV soap opera “Nashville,” sans Rayna and Juliet, performed. Deacon and company continued to deliver long after the show by posing for photos for every fan. Facebook lit up!

Patty Peterson and Friends, Icehouse. Joined by her brothers Ricky and Paul and Chicago saxophonist Steve Cole, she blended jazz classics and ’80s funk, giving the audience a chance to be part of a video in this intimate space with good food.

Claudia Lawrence, Richfield

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Mark Lickteig, the Crooked Pint. Celebrating the terrific originals on his debut solo album, this veteran Twin Cities club singer staked his claim as maybe the most underappreciated soul man in town. He was helped by a top-notch band, including guest organist/producer Ricky Peterson and singer Ali Washington.

Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell, “The Traveling Kind.” On their second duo album in three years, they sound organic, complementary and wise.

“Camelot,” the Ordway. The principal reasons to see this revamped and truncated warhorse are the magnificent voices of Mary McNulty as Guenevere and Adam Grabau as King Arthur.

Jon Bream, Star Tribune