Vikings running back Adrian Peterson sat down with us earlier this week to talk about his goals, his thoughts on his legacy and Hall of Fame future, winning a Super Bowl (first and foremost, he notes) and how he thinks he’s grown over the past year. That story can be found here.

There also were things we talked about that didn't make the story. For instance, he talked about how he would be thinking about his legacy and place in the history of the game while he and the team toured the Pro Football Hall of Fame Saturday evening. The Vikings open the NFL's preseason schedule with tonight’s Hall of Fame game against the Steelers.

"Yeah, a little bit," Peterson said. "It’s kind of funny because my first year when I ran for the [record 296 yards against the Chargers in 2007], that jersey was put in the Hall of Fame. I was like, ‘Wow, I'm already in the Hall of Fame.'

"Of course, I'm sure once I get there and I'm in the moment, it will feel good just to kind of sit back and think about the things I’ve accomplished. If God’s willing, I'll be inducted into the Hall of Fame once I'm done playing this game. So and then just being able to take in all the guys who paved the way that motivated me and other guys of my caliber to be able to play at the level we play. to reach this level."

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