A day after Republican U.S. House Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio, praised GOP governors for writing to congress to object to the health care bill in DC, Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty wrote to congress to object to the health care bill in DC.

"I write to express my significant concerns with the approach being taken by the Democratic congressional leadership and to urge you to vote against the current proposal," Pawlenty wrote to the Minnesota congressional delegation.

Here's the rest of the letter.

On Wednesday, Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer wrote an even stronger letter to the Minnesota delegation about health care.

"It is reckless to vote for a bill most of you have not yet read and certainly do not fully understand," state Rep. Emmer wrote.

Here's the rest of his letter.

Meanwhile, Republicans in the Minnesota Senate failed in their attempt to force a debate on the health care changes. Here's an Associated Press about that fight.



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