Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty Thursday afternoon took another step to join the coalition of folks who hate so called "Obamacare:" He asked a Florida judge to allow him to join a lawsuit against the health care overhaul act.

The governor first mentioned that he planned to join the long-running suit in April but Thursday was his first legal action to do so.

In the motion his office said he filed on Thursday he said he, and follow Gov. Donald Carcieri, of Rhode Island, would: "would focus on a critical area that has not been extensively briefed by the parties: the failure of the ACA’s amendments to Medicaid to meet one of the traditional restrictions on Congress’s spending power, the requirement that statutes be clear and
unambiguous in what they require of States."

You can read the rest of the motion, and see the governors' sprawling vision of the bureaucracy the health care overhaul creates, here:



Florida v HHS Governors of Minnesota and Rhode Island Amici Motion